Asaji Muroi for ROLEPLAY®



Asaji Muroi is a fetish artist from Japan. Born in 1946, Muroi first developed a fascination as a young child, which would go on to characterize his art as an adult. Around the age of 5, Asaji happened upon a poster for a local freak show depicting a ‘woman dog’ attraction, an image which would remain with him for life and throughout his work of over 35 years, consistently used to explore taboo themes of guilt, submission and shame.

While publishing under a pseudonym and creating his work very privately, Asaji Muroi has been a prolific contributor to many Japanese SM and fetish magazines, particularly SM Kitan.
Though private as an artist (indeed, Muroi only shared his work with his wife in recent years) his work is immediately recognisable and widely appreciated, having been exhibited across Tokyo and as far afield as Paris.

ROLEPLAY® has worked with Asaji Muroi to produce a hand screen printed T shirt released this this Spring.